Commercial Skylights

Why Commercial Skylight Repair Is Necessary for Your Business

Skylight not only provides you ample light but also adorns your building still being delicate it can be damaged by various causes which are as follow:

Leakage: Skylights are infamous for leaking. Snowfall, debris or rain can accelerate the process of leakage.
Breakage: Skylights are vulnerable to wind, snowfall, debris and hail which can easily crack a skylight
Fall: Being fragile, skylights are prone to fall which can be the cause of injury for any worker in the workplace.
Space Constraints: Skylights take rooftop space that could be used for equipment or other purposes. To get the maximum benefit of free natural lighting, you need to dedicate 7-10% of your roof to skylights. So if you have a small roof that is going to be a big problem. If there isn’t any enough space for the skylight to be fitted then it can be damaged or crack easily.

Commercial skylight repair is necessary for your business because it not only adorns your office building but also saves you electrical energy, add appeal to your business because what looks well, works well and improves your team performance, as research studies show that natural light raises alertness and overall productivity.
For your commercial skylight repair NJ the best professionals you can choose are Roofing Pro NJ whose diligence and honesty are their recognition.
You can also consider getting our other services like residential skylights to secure your precious homes from several external threats.

Commercial Skylight Service in NJ

Roofing Pro NJ promises hard work, ambition, safety and honesty in order to maintain a superior presence in New Jersey among architects, engineering companies, condominium associations, management companies, commercial property managers and residential property owners. We are very committed and take pride in what we do every day for our customers. We are here for your commercial skylight repair, replacement or installation.

Commercial Skylight Installation

Skylight installation is a serious business and should be left to experienced professionals like All Professional Remodeling group NJ. We install your skylights not with hands but with all our heart and soul. Moreover being professional contractors we can fix your skylight perfectly and can save you from extra efforts of DIY. Skylight takes the following six steps to get fixed:
1. Planning design
2. Measure and mark
3. Cutting roof
4. Framing skylight
5. Installing skylight
6. Installing flashing and insulation

Commercial Skylights Replacement in New Jersey

Roofing Pro NJ is the best choice for commercial skylight repair or replacement NJ. As it is a complex task to do. There are four types of commercial skylights which can always be replaced when needed:
1. Traditional Skylight: It has flat glass or acrylic lenses which filter sun through a building’s ceiling.
2. Tubular Skylight: It uses a light well made of flexible reflective tubing, to bring natural light around obstructions to virtually any area of a building.
3. Sun-Tracking Skylight: This skylight works by using solar-powered GPS technology to follow the sun. Sun-tracking skylight reflective mirrors direct natural light into a building, even on cloudy days and when the sun is low in the horizon.
4. Prismatic Skylight: It uses one or multiple prismatic lenses to reflect and diffuse sunlight throughout a room.

No matter which type of skylight you want to replace, we can replace all types of skylights. We examine your skylight thoroughly, detect the problem in it and replace it with the best one so that you won’t have to replace it times and again.
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